Jon-Paul Hutchins

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Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale

Jon-Paul’s passion for all things culinary and all things Arizona is evident. A transplant from New Jersey in 1992, his career has grown from instructor to Executive Chef where he has overseen the schools two award winning restaurants and helped develop standards and curriculum.

Jon-Paul has been a regular fixture on Arizona media. He has been a featured guest on the Food Network, HGTV, ESPN and the Today Show. 

Known for his high energy, humor and his compassion for students and charitable causes, Jon-Paul uses his sense of humor to engage visitors and students alike as they explore the vibrant Arizona culinary scene or to gain support for the many causes and events that he and the College support.

What approach did you take to the Emergency Kit Cook-Off ingredients?
I listen to two sources; I look at the list and see where the food wants to go and I listen to my stomach. The list says Hispanic, so I want to use not only Hispanic ingredients but also Hispanic cooking techniques. My stomach says, well actually screams “Spicy!”.

What “comfort food” would be in your emergency kit?
Canned sardines, I love’em! Sardines are also loaded with lots of good stuff and they have a huge flavor punch.

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your household’s preparedness, why?
5! Only because I paid attentions and made the changes after working with the team last year (Thank You!)

Tell us about one time you were caught unprepared.
I learned that emergency preparedness doesn’t just apply to the home, but the car as well. I found myself on the side of the 51 with no water or protection from the sun. I now keep water, food, a flashlight and a wide brimmed hat.

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