Submit a Recipe


It’s a better than safe bet that in an emergency the pizza delivery guy won’t be making house calls. So it will be up to you to have nonperishable food on hand and some idea of what to do with it. That's where the Emergency Kit Cook-Off comes in.

We’re not looking for gourmet cuisine, but we’re also not looking for simple peanut butter and crackers. Get creative with the ingredients. Prepare a hot or cold dish that you’d eat--and dare we say enjoy--if asked to shelter in place.

Specifically, the Emergency Kit Cook-Off challenges you to:

1) create a recipe that uses at least one Featured Ingredient and only nonperishable pantry and kit items, including (but not restricted to) seasonings, condiments, sweeteners and potable water.


2) use manual tools (e.g., can openers and hand whisks) instead of modern appliances--especially microwaves--in the preparation. Use the oven and/or stovetop if you must, BUT we challenge you to use alternative, safe heating sources if possible.

While the public is encouraged to submit a recipe during National Preparedness Month in September in exchange for a "thank you" gift (while supplies last), recipe submissions to are accepted year-round. Participation in the Emergency Kit Cook-Off is open to anyone ... everyone ... you!

NOTE: Persons who submit a recipe grant the Emergency Kit Cook-Off the right to distribute and reproduce entries for later web, television and radio promotions and collateral.