Do 1 Thing

Do 1 Thing is a nonprofit, web-based program located in Lansing, Michigan. The program focuses on a different area of emergency preparedness each month, and provides a range of preparedness options for each topic. Every month has a low or no-cost option to become better prepared for emergencies. The goal of Do 1 Thing is to improve community disaster resiliency by moving individuals through the process of disaster preparedness: from awareness to intention to action. To use the program an individual or family can go to once a month, download a new fact sheet, and choose one thing to do to increase their emergency preparedness knowledge. Various formats are available to enhance participation, including audio, graphical, braille, large print. The program is also translated into seven languages. Do 1 Thing was one of seven programs, including the Emergency Kit Cook-Off, to be recognized by the CDC Foundation and FEMA for its  "Whole Community" approach to preparedness advocacy.