That’s the best part. Because the Kit Cook-Off is web-based, anyone living anywhere can participate. Everyone from the home cook to the culinary student to the professional chef has submitted a recipe. And even if don’t know you’re way around a kitchen but are interested in preparedness, we want your recipes too.

For more information on the Emergency Kit Cook-Off visit www.EmergencyKitCookOff.org. You can also follow the Kit Cook-Off on Twitter (@KitCookOff), like it on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/10xfcYy and/or follow it on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/kitcookoff

The Emergency Kit Cook-Off is a year-round activity. Voting for Featured Ingredients happens every August. Recipes submissions are accepted any time. Individuals who submit a recipe during National Preparedness Month in September receive a "thank you" gift, while supplies last.

The Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) created the Emergency Kit Cook-Off to inspire proactive preparedness planning through participation in a shared, hands-on activity. The goal of any ADEM outreach activity is to cheerlead for emergency preparedness and message of PLAN, PREPARE, INQUIRE, INSPIRE.

  • PLAN: Write and rehearse family communication and preparedness plans; identify a family meeting place and include an “out-of-town” contact.
  • PACK: Have enough non-perishable food and potable water to last your family for at least 72 hours; remember the Five P’s of preparedness planning--people and pets, papers (i.e., important documents), prescriptions, pictures and personal computer.
  • INQUIRE: Know the hazards in your community; know where to find information in an emergency; know what TV and radio stations to watch and listen to and what websites to bookmark in an emergency.
  • INSPIRE: Be a positive preparedness example through action; take a basic first aid class, donate blood or volunteer with organizations like the Red Cross and Citizen Corps.

The Emergency Kit Cook-Off is a participatory preparedness activity inspired by the nonperishable contents of a 72-hour emergency food kit. The Kit Cook-Off was recognized by FEMA and CDC in 2012 as one of seven national “Whole Community” projects for its unique approach to preparedness education and outreach.

Recipes and photo submitted to the Emergency Kit Cook-Off are posted to our online Kit Cookbook and used to market the Kit Cook-Off on social media. The Emergency Kit Cook-Off reserves the right to use submitted recipes and photos for non-commercial outreach, promotion of the Emergency Kit Cook-Off and advocacy of emergency preparedness. 

There are several ways to participate in the Emergency Kit Cook-Off:

  1. Vote in the ingredients poll over the last two weeks of August on www.EmergencyKitCookOff.org
  2. Submit a recipe to the Kit Cook-Off
  3. Complete an online questionnaire designed to help us improve the Kit Cook-Off campaign.

The public votes in an online poll over the last two weeks of August to determine that year’s Featured Ingredients. Voters pick one ingredient in each of five (5) categories: proteins; fruits and vegetables; starches, grains and nuts; beverages; and “comfort” foods. The "winning" ingredients are announced on www.EmergencyKitCookOff.org in the first week of September.

We’re happy to answer, “yes!” If you submit a recipe during National Preparedness Month in September, we’ll snail mail you a "thank you" gift (limit one (1) per participant, per year), while supplies last. Recipes are accepted year-round, but only those who submit in September are eligible to receive a gift.

Yes. We’re not looking for gourmet cuisine, but we’re also not looking for simple PB and crackers. Get creative with the ingredients and create a hot or cold dish that you’d eat if asked to shelter in place.

The Emergency Kit Cook-Off challenges you to:

1) create a recipe that uses at least one Featured Ingredient supplemented with only nonperishable pantry items, including (but not restricted to) seasonings, condiments, sweeteners and potable water.


2) use manual tools (e.g., can openers and hand whisks) instead of modern appliances (e.g., microwaves) where possible. Use microwaves and stovetops if you must, BUT we challenge you to use alternative, safe heating sources.