Inspire Others

There are many ways to be a preparedness example for family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. For example, you can give blood or take a basic first aid course and invite others to join you. Or you can simply share what you've learned about personal and family preparedness and find ways to involve others in the preparations.

The response to an emergencies begins and ends at a local level so it makes sense for you to being your search for ways to inspire others locally too. offers a few ways that the public can live the “Whole Community” vision for all-hazard emergency preparedness in their communities:

  • Volunteer to support disaster efforts in your community. Get trained and volunteer with a Community Emergency Response Team, Medical Reserve Corps unit and/or other Citizen Corps Partner Program or Affiliate organization.  Many local faith-based and community organizations have programs active in supporting disasters too.
  • Be part of the community planning process. Connect and collaborate with your local emergency planning group, Citizen Corps Council or local emergency management agency.
  • Join or start a preparedness project. Find an event or identify local resources, build a team, choose a project, set goals and serve your community by improving the preparedness of your friends, colleagues and neighbors.
  • When asked to do so, make cash and/or in-kind donations to reputable disaster relief organizations.


Do 1 Thing Visual Factsheets: