What is the purpose of the Emergency Kit Cook-Off?

The Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) created the Emergency Kit Cook-Off to inspire proactive preparedness planning through participation in a shared, hands-on activity. The goal of any ADEM outreach activity is to cheerlead for emergency preparedness and message of PLAN, PREPARE, INQUIRE, INSPIRE.

  • PLAN: Write and rehearse family communication and preparedness plans; identify a family meeting place and include an “out-of-town” contact.
  • PACK: Have enough non-perishable food and potable water to last your family for at least 72 hours; remember the Five P’s of preparedness planning--people and pets, papers (i.e., important documents), prescriptions, pictures and personal computer.
  • INQUIRE: Know the hazards in your community; know where to find information in an emergency; know what TV and radio stations to watch and listen to and what websites to bookmark in an emergency.
  • INSPIRE: Be a positive preparedness example through action; take a basic first aid class, donate blood or volunteer with organizations like the Red Cross and Citizen Corps.